August 20, 2020

How was iQ built and what went into the Design?

Company Updates

One of the most complex aspects of the Financial Capital Markets, not just in India, but globally, is the deluge of data that one needs to comprehend.However, in a market like India, for the alternative industry, we had to solve the problem of something more granular – the very lack of data being available to the investors and advisors who are looking to invest in the Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Industry (to understand more about the PMS Industry, visit Fintuple University).The first problem we had to address, was to build the data layer. One thing we realised early in the journey of building our data infrastructure was that the success or failure of our brand was dependant on the effort we were going to put in to get ‘clean data’.This stage was one of the hardest in our journey of building iQ, the Intelligent Quoter – which acts as the brain behind the infrastructure we have built at Fintuple. During this stage, our efforts were spent to ensure that all the data that enters our system was from the source, manually verified first and cleaned out.Today, our entire architecture has been automated – to the extent that we can ingest and onboard a fund within hours. A fund with 10 years of past data can easily be ingested into our system within hours – this efficiency goes back to our technology stack and how we constructed the building blocks at iQ.Through iQ, we wanted to address two problems:

  1. Any investor who wants to analyse the risk of a fund and filter funds of his/her choice should have easy access for the same
  2. Any advisor who wants to filter, search, segregate funds based on risk and the history behind each fund, should have the data easily available to them

Our philosophy was simple – power back to the user brings about miracles in the way business is done. In today’s world – we believe investments should be made with full information rather than ‘hidden data’. This at its very core was how iQ was constructed and designed.We also realised that after this, Investors, Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers will have doubts or queries around a customised selection of products within IQ. Thus, we built our in-house product team which acts as the Custom Product Team, to help our users in their journey of investing, where required.Through IQ, our journey of building the infrastructure layer for the capital markets in India has just begun. Our next story talks about how we make the search for funds easy. In today’s world, if information is not searchable and indexable – it is redundant (thanks to Google for that).