Fintuple FAQ

Get your queries cleared. Frequently asked questions about the company and the products

Getting started with Fintuple

What is the level of security in maintaining funds data?

We strive to maintain a high level of protection for all data resources. Running on enterprise-grade infrastructure, our cloud solutions enable us to implement security measures at a greater scale. Feel free to reach us out at in case of any further clarifications on the same.

How do I know the pricings for the solutions?

For iQ+, the registered users can view the pricing options by clicking on the “subscribe” button. For on+ and other E-services, pricing depends on the customisations done for each organisation.

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How does Fintuple collect and validate its data?

The institutional, strategy and personnel data on the platform is collected directly from the fund institutions. The data collected is then standardised, using our templates and algorithms, before being published on the platform.

If data is collected from secondary web sources, it is validated with the fund institution, before being published on the platform.

If I have trouble accessing the platform or some of its features, who do I contact for support?

For all technical support on the platform, kindly reach out to us at

Will I get a personalised Dashboard?

Yes, all the users in the platform have a personalised dashboard.

What additional benefits do I get as a Subscriber?

With the Fintuple Pro account you get access to

  • IQ:

  • Portfolio Insights and Performance

  • Strategy vs. Benchmark Comparisons

  • Strategy vs. Strategy Comparisons

  • fs:

  • Access Fintuple Standardised Factsheets

  • Download Factsheets and Other Documents

  • + fi:

  • Perspectives on Fund performance   

  • Market Trend Analysis 

  • Curated Blogs / Articles 

  • Periodic Reports  

Will I be able to view other Institution's information?

Yes, once you register, you will be able to view the other institutions’ details which include institutions’ snapshot, contact info, fund performance, etc.
You will also be able to view AMC generated PDF factsheets and other documents - Marketing Materials, Policies, Disclaimers, Disclosures, Videos and Podcasts, etc. shared by the AMCs.  

How do I get the customised factsheet solution?

Contact us at +91 9344476746 and we’ll help you out.

Is there a Growth Calculator tool on the platform? Can anyone access it?

Yes, there is a Growth Calculator tool available on the platform, in the Snapshot section of all Strategies. This is used for determining an annual growth rate on an investment where value typically has fluctuated widely from one period to the next. This tool can be accessed by subscribed users.

Will I be able to follow a Strategy/ Institution/ Professional?

You will be able to bookmark and follow individual strategies, institutions and professionals.

What kind of institutions can be onboarded onto the platform?

Range of AMCs from Large to Boutique, IFA Institutions, Single and Multiple Family Offices, Financial Research organisations, Wealth Institution, and Institutional Investors.

Should I subscribe to view other professionals' profiles?

No, you do not need a subscription, you just need to be a registered user on the platform, to view the list of professional in our network.

What kind of Strategies are available on the platform?

As of now, we have Portfolio Management Services (PMS) Strategies on the platform. We are in the process of onboarding other strategies such as, Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs), Real Estate funds, Private Equity Funds, etc., to the platform shortly.

Which Product Factsheets and Other Documents can I view on the platform?

Currently, there are PMS Factsheets and other documents shared by AMCs on the FS platform. At a later stage, we will be adding Factsheets and Other Documents of other products like AIFs, MFs, etc.

Can Factsheets and the other documents be downloaded as PDFs?

Subscribed users can download AMC Generated Factsheets, Fintuple Standardised Factsheets and Other Documents shared by the AMCs.

What kind of content is available on the Fi platform?

This platform is focused on providing analysis and perspectives around India-based funds across asset classes, including alternates such as PMS, AIF, etc., all the stakeholders behind these funds and various aspects of the Indian Capital/Financial Markets. On this platform, you will be able to see content in the following formats:

  • Analysis – these are articles based on deep research around the funds and their analysis

  • Blogs – perspectives around India-based funds from our Research team

  • News – external articles that pertain to key professionals, strategies or institutions in our platform, published through Creative Commons Licenses.

  • Reports - The fintuplist, a monthly report dissecting the performance of the various PMS Strategies.

Who is on+ for?

If you are dealing with PMS or AIF as a product, on+ has a direct relevance for you to automate your workflow.

As an AMC, does on+ Integrated with my custodians?

Yes, on+ is a fully integrated solution which integrates with your custodian. It comes as a plug and play solution with your custodian or a fully customisable solution which is deployed for you

I worry about the data – how do I get comfort around the hosting?

All the data on on+ is hosted on a secure VPC on AWS in a private docket, and stored in bank-grade encrypted form. Since we go through annual audits both on process and security, we take the highest care to ensure that the data stays masked and encrypted.

Is the product completely white-labelled?

Yes, on+ would be white labelled for a customised deployment

How does On+ work for AMCs ?

For years, PMS and AIF onboarding has been manual. on+ is the first of its kind for AMCs which enables onboarding of investors digitally. Through on+, your distributor partners can login and create a customised journey for their investors. Tracking analytics around your business and revenue attribution around this becomes data driven through our platform.

How does On+ work for distributors and wealth managers?

As a wealth manager RM, more than 60% of your time goes in manual processes and form filling. Through the premium version of on+, you can have a fully digital experience for both your investors and seamlessly connect with the AMC of choice. This ensures ease of onboarding , post which translating into revenue attribution and portfolio reporting.

Is there a trial version we can use? If Yes, how do we access it?

Click here for a demo of our product and our team will walk you through the details.

Does the product comply with the regulations of SEBI and concerned regulatory authorities

We have built the modules of on+ keeping in mind the compliance requirements of SEBI and other legal requirements in mind. Any changes in the compliance will be immediately reflected in the deployment of the product.

Where do I use E-services for my business?

Our E-sign module is used by our clients for digital onboarding of their partners and clients. Any empanelment agreement and workflow has been designed using our E-services module. This helps in easy record keeping and signing for later use. If your business, has a touchpoint around taking a signature, our E-services module has a direct relevance for you

What Video KYC Services do you offer?

Banks and Wealth managers use our Video KYC services to ensure compliant investor onboarding. Be it for opening a new ISA account, or a new bank account, our product suite has an impact on a smooth journey for you.